brittanyBrittany - ”I don’t mind admitting that I am obsessed with hair and making people feel great. From an early age I knew that I would work in an industry where it is my job to make people feel good about themselves. After high school I attended Cosmetology School and have now held my Cosmetology License for 10 years.

It was at Cosmetology School that I discovered my love for the hair industry. I have a genuine passion for hair styling and love to learn new techniques and keep a competitive edge that gives my customers access to the latest looks.

The range of services I offer reflects the extensive training that I have completed. From colouring to styling, extensions to hairpieces, I can complete anything to a very high standard. I enjoy working with all types of hair whether it be long or short, curly or straight, thick or thin.

I have ensured that I not only stay up to date with the latest trends but also experiment with new designs and techniques. I regularly attend training as I firmly believe that there is always room to learn more about my craft. I am confident that I can provide my customers with anything they desire.

Now I have made Headcase a reality it really is a dream come true. I feel blessed to be able to put all of the training I have completed and all the knowledge I have gained along the way into providing my guests with an experience that will make them feel special and look fantastic. Whether it is helping someone to feel better about themselves by keeping their hair looking great or providing them with a complete transformation I always ensure that I put all of my effort into achieving exactly what my guests want.

When I’m not doing hair I like to spend my time with the other passion in my life – my family. I am very fortunate to have such a fantastic husband and two boys that are my driving force and my motivation to make my dreams come true. We love being outdoors; going for hikes, playing games or taking trips when we get the chance.

With such an amazing family and a job that I love I feel truly blessed and use this as inspiration to make others feel just as great.”


StephenyStepheny - ”I have always loved fashion. At a young age I knew that I loved the typical girl things a little more than most; playing dress up and doing my hair. As I grew older, innocent dress up games became a hobby, and then a passion that I decided to turn into a career. Now, as a stylist, I get to share my love of the industry with my clients. I love making people feel great about themselves through the art of hair and makeup. My goal is to not only give my clients a great style while they’re in my chair, but to empower them with knowledge and great products to achieve the same result at home.”





Abby – Coco Chanel once said, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life”, which is exactly why I followed my passion for standing behind the chair. Not only have I had the love for beauty since I was a child, but I’ve also had the drive and desire to make change. So with those passions together, I’m able to witness the joy a simple change in appearance can truly make to not only someone’s day, but also someone’s life.

The fixation on beauty may be looked upon as anything from vain, to a luxury, to a necessity, but to me..it’s happiness. To see the beaming smile on my client’s faces, to the special connection we share, it truly is an honor to be a stylist.

The beauty industry is constantly changing and evolving, so we as hairstylists have to keep ourselves and our clients up to date and in the know with the latest and greatest trends – which is one of my favorites. I’m always researching and perusing websites and social media for what the next best thing is going to be, and love every second of it. It’s so much fun to bring new trends, products and inspirations to my clients and to be creative with their hair, after all your hair is your best accessory!